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What is Panelock?

Panelock is an extruded aluminium plank designed to interlock to form a smooth surface for motor body building purposes.

With its unique rounded corner aluminium extrusion, Panleock has gained the reputation of “the best looking Pantech in Australia” 

Panelock bodies are assembled and sold in every state in Australia – availability of parts is immediate and inexpensive 

Why Panelock?

For maximum payload and security, especially when transporting and distributing goods of high value 

With Panelock there are no leaking joints or need to replace rivets 

Repairs are made easy as each panel can be replaced individually 

Will not dent or rip as easy as the conventional aluminium or steel clad bodies 

Panelock is very rigid and easy to attach tie rails and freight lock systems 

Panelock can be painted or left in mill finish – sign writing is very easily applied 

The cost of a Panelock built Pantech is no more expensive than other available alternatives – that is why major fleet owners choose and recommend Panelock

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